Excursion tip: A visit to the Belgian quarter in Cologne

The Belgian Quarter is an inviting place to stroll and wander, especially in spring and summer and before Christmas.

The Belgian Quarter in Cologne is one of the most expensive residential areas in Cologne and this naturally attracts chic boutiques and unusual cafés and restaurants. A hip crowd is on the move here. Artists, designers and other lifestyle-conscious people live or work in the Belgian Quarter.

Where exactly is Cologne’s Belgian Quarter?

Map with Belgian Quarter in Cologne

Map with Belgian Quarter in Cologne

The Belgian Quarter is located in the heart of Cologne, in Neustadt Nord. To the south, the Aachener Straße borders the Belgian Quarter and to the north it is the Venloer Straße. In the west it is bordered by the inner green belt and in the east by Flandrische/Limburger Straße. From the Philero Hotel Köln it is about 6 km to the centre of the Belgian Quarter, the Brüsseler Platz, where the Catholic parish church St. Michael is located.

Where did the Belgian Quarter get its name?

The Belgian Quarter takes its name from numerous street and square names named after Belgian cities or provinces. Brussels Square, Antwerp Street or Flanders Street are good examples.

What is there to experience in the Belgian Quarter?

Our guests like the special collection of pretty boutiques, galleries, trendy pubs, bars and restaurants. The well-rehabilitated Wilhelminian and Art Nouveau facades are also worth seeing. Brüsseler Platz is a popular open-air meeting place for young people to see and be seen.

For relaxing and jogging, residents can be found in the Stadtgarten, which is also located in the Belgian quarter. The Stadtgarten is a park and a popular venue for concerts and parties. In summer there is a beer garden and in winter a Christmas market, which is particularly idyllic under the trees and from the end of November until Christmas delights the people of Cologne and their guests.

The people of Cologne call their neighbourhoods “Veedel”. So, the next time you visit, it’s worth taking a stroll with a stop in the Belgian Veedel.

If you don’t want to do it alone, book one of the many guided tours through the Belgian quarter. There are various themes to choose from, such as street art, food concepts or special courtyards.

The search is worthwhile at “Get-Your-Guide“. 0r book a tour with Eat the world, where cultural is always combined with culinary.


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