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Our Best program for fun and good humor:
Visit the oldest brewery “Sünner”

BREWERY TOUR for fun and enjoyment with your group! Visit the oldest, and still producing historic Cologne brewery – Sünner BREWERY – just 300 m away from the hotel. Behind the historic facades of this bill today, traditional brewery hidden art of brewing, combined with modern technology.

JELDBÜGGEL TOUR: brewery tour (duration 1.5 hours), limited Sünner glass. Then you see the big bash with basement: three beef, cabbage, potatoes, dumplings and salad! Before that, there is a beer soup and pudding for dessert, a Kölsch. Per person are “Jecke” 1.11 liters of Kölsch Sünner included.
Price per person: from 39.50 EUR 
(bookable through the hotel upon request and availability).

Our Best, cultural program:
Kölsch Tour

Immerse yourself in history and in the cozy atmosphere of the Cologne Breweries. Find out why on aguided tour of the Kölsch waiter, “Kobes” is
why he wears blue, and as the “Cologne Foderkaat” came to their particular specialties. After the walk we will reserve for your favorite brewery, for example in “Früh am Dom”.
(Consumption fee)

Our Best, sporty program:

Adventure Cologne
They are faced with challenges and discover kölsche sides of the city that opens up otherwise extremely rare. In an exciting hunt to discover hidden attractions and originals, along with famous Cologne mentality and humor. A city match of the special kind of program can be expanded as: a high ropes course in the right on the Rhine, archery, canoeing or a journey of discovery through a supply tunnel under the River Rhine.

Cult & Culture

Visit the Cologne Cathedral: Visit the most famous building in the city and find out why the Cologne wanted to build “the largest church in the world ‘, how difficult it was this huge project and realize why it was not completed until the 19th century, after the work almost had rested for 300 years.
Cost management: from approx. Euro 42.00 (Duration: 1 hour)


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