To ensure always fresh homemade food, we now offer changing dishes – seasonal and regional –

In addition to our Bennos Deli menu (fresh, homemade sushi as well as homemade Poké Bowls) and our snack menu, we offer constantly changing dishes – seasonal and regional. The main focus of our daily actions is to always offer our guests only the best and freshest quality.

Therefore, with regard to the current difficulties in the procurement of food due to the pandemic, we have decided to always offer you only the best from our region. Therefore, our menu is no longer as extensive as you have known it from us before.

We hope for your understanding.

Changing seasonal dishes


Salmon mosaic

Watercress I sunflower seeds I coffee mayonnaise

11,00 €



Vegetables I Parmesan I toasted white bread

7,50 €


Large mixed salad

Lettuce I cucumber I tomato I olives I mozzarella I seeds I croutons

15,00 €


BBQ Pork Belly

BBQ Jus I Cole Slaw I grilled jacket potato

19,00 €


Fillet of beef from Bergisches Land

Homemade herb butter I Steakhouse Fries I Salad

38,00 €


Homemade gnocchi

Pear I pumpkin I cashew nuts

17,00 €


Char filet

herb crust I two kinds of cauliflower I beluga lentils

23,00 €


Tonka Bean Crème Brûlée

Peach I Raspberry

8,00 €


Teatime with the Queen

Earl Grey I cream I lemon

12,00 €


Homemade chocolates ( different sorts )

Piece from 1,00 €


Other delicacies

Baked potato with herb sour cream

7,50 €

Baked potato “Veggie

Fresh market vegetables I herb sour cream

12,50 €

Baked potato with pulled chicken

Homemade BBQ sauce I fried onions

14,50 €

Baked potato “Asian BBQ”

Pulled Salmon I homemade Teriyaki Sauce

16,00 €

Grated potato “Veggie BBQ”

Fresh market vegetables I homemade BBQ sauce I sour cream I fried onions

13,50 €

Grated pancake with pulled chicken

Homemade BBQ sauce I sour cream I fried onions

14,50 €

Grated pancake with pulled salmon

South Carolina Mustard Sauce

15,00 €

Pulled Chicken Burger

Homemade BBQ Sauce I Coleslaw I Steakhouse Fries

17,00 €

100% Beef Burger

100% German pasture-raised beef

Homemade BBQ Sauce I Pickles I Braised Onions I Bacon

Steakhouse Fries

19,00 €


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