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The highlight of any visit to Cologne is, of course, the Cologne Cathedral. Easily visible from everywhere, it forms the heart of the city. It houses the shrine of the Three Kings with the bones of the Magi. In the cathedral treasury in the medieval vaulted cellars under the cathedral you can see other relics, liturgical devices, manuscripts, vestments and insignia of the archbishops and cathedral clergy. For more information, click here.


The Hohenzollern Bridge was built from 1907 to 1911 and is the only bridge in Cologne that was not destroyed by bombs. Today, the bridge is not only used by the Deutsche Bahn for train traffic, but also by the suburban trains of the KVB, cyclists and pedestrians. Since 2008, however, the Hohenzollern Bridge has also had a very special function – as a sign of eternal love. Couples attach their usually engraved lock to a section of the railing and throw the key into the Rhine.


Since 1993, the Chocolate Museum directly on the Rhine has been an institution, delighting some 600,000 visitors a year.  From the cocoa bean to the production of hollow figures, one learns interesting things here. In between, of course, a stop at the chocolate fountain is a must. Here you can learn more about the history of the chocolate museum.


Melaten is not just a cemetery. Melaten is urban history, art history and an oasis of peace in the middle of the city. It is the resting place of many Cologne residents, including some very prominent ones such as Gisela Uhlen, Dirk Bach, Willy Millowitsch, Guido Westerwelle, Willi Ostermann, Alfred Biolek. How about a guided tour through the cemetery, which was listed in 1980? You can find more information here.


Around 10,000 animals from more than 750 different species are at home in the cathedral city’s zoological gardens. In addition to modern animal facilities such as the Hippodom, Elephant Park or Rainforest House, which were built according to the latest zoological standards, visitors to the Cologne Zoo can still visit historic animal houses. More info and suitable arrangements can be found here.


Right next to the Cologne Zoo is the Flora. The Flora is the botanical garden of the city of Cologne. It displays more than 10,000 native and exotic plant species outdoors and in greenhouses. The centerpiece of the facility, which opened in 1864, is the Festhaus, also called Flora. The horticulturally designed grounds show in many themed gardens how garden art and the understanding of landscape gardening have changed over 150 years.


At the entrance to the zoo is the stop for the Zoo Express. From here you can wonderfully explore the city with the Bimmelbahn. There is also the Schoko-Express (stop at the chocolate museum). Both trips end directly at the cathedral. Information about prices and departure times can be found here.


Probably the best view is from the viewing platform of the KölnTriangle at a height of 103.20m on the 29th floor.  Prices and information can be found here. Why not combine several sights with each other? Take lines 1 or 9 from the hotel to Deutz station and enjoy the view from the viewing platform of the KölnTriangle. Then take a stroll across the Hohenzollern Bridge, perhaps hang up your personal love lock, and end your walk at Cologne Cathedral.


A true oasis of relaxation with a great view of the cathedral. A walk in the Rhine Park can be combined with a visit to the KölnTriangle. The park, which was created in 1957 as part of the Federal Garden Show, stretches directly along the banks of the Rhine between the districts of Deutz and Mülheim. Children can let off steam in the youth park or take a ride on the miniature train through the park. There is a lot on offer for young and old – action or relaxation. More information about the Rheinpark can be found here.


Probably the most breathtaking view of Cologne is from one of the gondolas of the Cologne cable car. The cable car was opened in 1957 as part of the Federal Garden Show and travels from the Cologne Zoo over the Rhine to the Rhine Park.


Who doesn’t know it – the scent of 4711. The well-known fragrance has been produced in Cologne since 1792. Create your own fragrance in a fragrance seminar or take part in a guided tour through the historic building. Booking and more info can be found here.


Cologne has over 100 museums to offer. There is something for everyone. Here are the top 5:  Museum Ludwig | German Sports and Olympics Museum | Historic Mustard Mill | Farina Scent Museum | NS Documentation Center.


Rheinauhafen has developed into its own Veedel in recent years. From art and culture, business and gastronomy to luxurious apartments, you can find everything here. Last but not least, the 3 crane houses belong to the Cologne skyline like the cathedral. You can find more information here.


Experience here a unique virtual reality ride through historic Cologne in a replica streetcar. In our packages you will also find a suitable package including admission to TimeRide Cologne.


If Cologne has anything, it is of course breweries. It belongs to the Cologne culture like the cathedral to the city. Within walking distance of the hotel you will find, for example, the Sünner Keller, the oldest Kölsch brewery in the world. Why not book a brewery tour and learn something about the production of our delicious Kölsch. You can find more information here.


Hohe Straße, Schildergasse, Ehrenstraße, Mittelstraße and the many shopping centers – a shopping mecca that will make your credit card glow.


Cologne is not only the left side of the Rhine with the cathedral and the old town – the right side of the Rhine, the “Schäl Sick” also has a lot to offer. How about a walk along the right bank of the Rhine from Deutz towards Mülheim? Discover numerous hidden works of the Cologne street art artist seiLeise. Plan enough time to discover the original works, enjoy a Kölsch on the Mülheimer Mäuerchen and let the walk end in the Schlosspark Stammheim with the Skulpurenpark.


If you have any questions about the sights in Cologne, our team at the 4-star PhiLeRo Hotel Cologne will be happy to help!


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