Hybrid meetings at the PhiLeRo Hotel Cologne

In hybrid meetings, usually only a part of the participants or speakers is on site and another part dials into the conference from the office or home office via a conference software (like Zoom, Teams or others).

If you want to make a good impression with a small group in the conference room, you need a professional 360 degree conference camera. We will provide you with this -on request-.

The advantages of the video conference camera at PhiLeRo Hotel Cologne are:

  • The conference camera is recognized by all common conference platforms such as Zoom, Teams, GoToMeeting, Bluejeans, Cisco or Skype.
  • Speakers in the meeting room are localized and -if desired- displayed larger for the virtual participants (Meeting AI Intelligent Recognition 2.0).
  • Equipped with Wi-Fi, Ethernet LAN port, USB and HDMI, Kandao Meeting Pro is flexible enough to connect to a wide range of conferencing devices.
  • It has 8 built-in microphones, PCM (16 bit / single track / 16 kHz), 5.5m r² – so every participant at the table is perfectly understood.
  • Integrated Hi-Fi speaker, so that the participants in the room also understand the virtual participants well.

Of course we support you during the setup. So you can concentrate on your participants and content.

We also provide a lap top with zoom access upon request.

Tips for conducting hybrid meetings

Tips for conducting hybrid meetings

Here are our tips for hybrid event and video conference organizers. For event organizers.

Fast wifi and modern video conferencing technology for your livestream

Fast wifi and modern video conferencing technology for your livestream

Treat yourself to the hybrid meeting service with livestream of the PhiLeRo Hotel in Cologne.

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