Conference Equipment PhiLeRo Hotel Köln

The success of your event is very closely related to perfectly functioning and up-to-date conference aids. The PhiLeRo Hotel Cologne offers you everything that will help you to achieve the desired success. You do not need to worry about transport, set-up, maintenance or function, but concentrate on your conference and the group and the event content to be conveyed.

The standard meeting technology included in the meeting packages consists of:

  • Fast free wi-fi with 100 bit/s download and 40 mbit/s upload speed.
  • Projector
  • Screen
  • 1 flipchart
  • 55 inch digital Samsung flip
  • 1 pin board presenter’s case incl. materials

For livestreams and hybrid meetings, use the following additional equipment for a fee:

  • 1 lap top with Zoom account installed
  • 1 video conference camera with 8 microphones and two 360 degree cameras


Flipchart incl. paper € 7,50
Pin board incl paper € 7,50
Presentation case € 25,00
camera or micro on request

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