Excursion tip: Visit the Friesenviertel in Cologne in the evening

The Friesenviertel is the place to party and feast, because the Friesenviertel is Cologne’s nightlife district.

Our guests love the Friesenviertel, because its lively nightlife makes it Cologne’s party mile. And a stroll along the party mile with its numerous restaurants, trendy pubs and clubs should be a “must-try date” for every visitor to Cologne.

Where does the Frisian Quarter get its name?

This was the home of Frisian cloth and fish merchants in the Middle Ages. Where the “Friesen” was probably a German-Dutch colony.

Where exactly is the Friesenviertel?

The Friesenviertel refers to the immediate vicinity of Friesenplatz and Friesenstraße. It is about 6 km from the PhiLeRo Hotel Köln, across the Deutzer Brücke bridge, to Friesenplatz.

Recommended pubs and bars with Cologne Friesenviertel

  • Cocktail lovers should pay a visit to the Friesen Bar in Friesenstraße 41.
  • Friends of upscale Mediterranean cuisine could pay their respects to the “Heising & Adelmann” restaurant at Friesenstraße 58.
  • The Päff Schankwirtschaft at Friesenwall 130 offers a wide selection of sophisticated drinks.
  • And the Päffgen brewery at Friesenstraße 64 -66 is a “Urige Kölsch Kneipe” with Kölsch and typical hearty Kölsch cuisine.

The Belgian quarter borders directly on the Friesenviertel, here you can extend the excursion wonderfully.



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