Culinary city tours through Cologne

Discover new things, get an eye for detail, go off the beaten track and nibble on delicious bites.

That certainly best sums up the reasons why you should book a Cologne tour with “Eat The World”. This particular city tour operator not only shows sights worth seeing in a particular neighbourhood, but also takes you to special restaurants, cafés, bakeries, cheese or delicatessen shops. And at five or six of these stops, you’ll be served a fine tasting snack. The tours each take about 3 hours and you walk 3 to 4 kilometres. Good shoes are therefore recommended.

Currently, participation in a tour costs 39 € per adult and 20 € for a child (of course, no guarantee). Requests such as vegetarian samples must be communicated with the registration.

Here in Cologne, there are various tours of “Eat The World”:

The Cologne Ehrenfeld Tour. Here you will get to know an urban lighthouse, the origin of 4711 and visit, among other things, a special Jugenstil restaurant.

During the Köln Südtstadt Tour, you’ll hear stories about Saint Severin and get to know Cologne culture in the Vringsviertel.

And the Köln Nippes tour is particularly popular, as the district in Cologne’s northwest surprises with idyllic oases and bustling squares. You’ll visit a British pâtisserie and get to know Cologne’s first sushi vendor.

The Cologne Deutz, Cologne Sülz or the Cologne Crime Tour… it’s hard to decide.

Here are all the Cologne tours described by “Eat The World”:

Tickets are easy to book online. So even real Cologne connoisseurs are guaranteed to get to know something new again.



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