Claudius Therme is a gift to citizens and visitors of Cologne

Did you actually know that there were already publicly accessible thermal baths in Rome 400 years after Christ? These thermal baths were larger, public bathing facilities, which were essentially responsible for the hygiene of the population and thus health.

Many spa operators still feel responsible for health. However, in combination with recreation, relaxation, wellness and exercise.

What makes the Claudius Therme such a special place?

Cologne is one of the few major German cities with its own thermal spring – and has been since 1932. The pools are fed by a 23-degree mineral water spring from the 364-meter-deep Messebrunnen Drei. The healing properties of the drinkable water, which contains sulfur and iron, have been recognized by the state. It is therefore no coincidence that many spa visitors come to the Claudius Therme with clear concerns. They bathe on prescription against arthrosis complaints or neurological illnesses, such as a stroke.

Wellness and relaxation are on the agenda

Most thermal spring visitors are however preventively on the way. They use gentle pampering and wellness programs and sweat in the three large sauna areas. Among them are some specialties, such as the hot earth wall sauna or the Russian banya (a traditional Russian bathhouse). True Cologne fans will sweat in the panorama sauna with a view of Cologne Cathedral (no kidding, it really exists).

Friends of the warm thermal water get their money’s worth. The main pool, at 33 degrees, also invites warm showers. Drinking fountains, Kneipp pools, floating pools and much more make splashing around and relaxing varied and definitely very healthy!

The bathing and sauna facility is open daily from 09.00 to 24.00 (also on Sundays and holidays). The wellness department is open from 10.30 to 20.00 every day (except Christmas Eve).

It is only 4 km to the PhiLero Hotel.

And these offers are tailor-made for guests who want to visit Claudius Therme:

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