Meeting room Jungfrau (47 m²)

Perfect for meetings, seminars and workshops

The room is quiet due to the carpeted floor. There are sufficient power sockets via floor tanks. The conference room Prinz offers daylight and direct access to the terrace. For hybrid events a 360 degree video camera can be booked.

In all conference rooms you will find Highspeed W-Lan up to 100 Mbit/s Down- and 40 Mbit/s Upload (very suitable also for videoconferences or webinars and hybrid meetings).

Possible equipment:

  • Carpeted floor
  • Daylight
  • Direct access to terrace
  • Emergency exit
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning (central)
  • UVC air purifier with Co2 automatic control
  • LED ceiling light panels for fatigue-free work
  • Bose ceiling speakers
  • Ambient lighting
  • Electric screen ceiling mounted 2.30 wide
  • Beamer
  • Floor tank with sufficient sockets
  • mobile digital flipchart 55 inch incl. e-mail function
  • 360° video conference camera for transmission of hybrid meetings
  • Presenter case
  • Flipchart
  • USB & USB-C, as well as 230 volt sockets at the speakers' table
  • Pinboard

Capacities and room facts

Room size in m² 47
Ceiling height in m 2,75
Max participants U-shape 14
Max participants chair rows 25
Max participants parliament 12

These meeting rooms are availabe

Meeting room Prinz (47 m²)

Meeting room Prinz (47 m²)

Meeting room Prinz (47 m²). Perfect for meetings, seminars and workshops

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