How to make your Christmas party an experience

Covid-19 has not made the organization of successful Christmas parties any easier. But with more and more people vaccinated and more and more experience with successful hygiene concepts, nothing should stand in the way of a nice company Christmas party or club Christmas party this year.

And with a little creativity, good ideas for your Christmas party are not expensive at all. The important thing is that you don’t let the Christmas grumpiness in the company hold you back.

Here are our tips and ideas for your Christmas party:

1. start planning early and communicate the date in October at the latest. So that your guests can block the date in their calendars in good time.

2. clarify your budget with the boss first. Budget certainty provides a flat beverage rate that you agree upon with your venue, caterer or restaurant of choice. Let your guests know what beverage selections are included in the flat rate and for how long. Remember, the IRS is celebrating with you….

3. Don’t give away all the details up front. A winter mulled wine reception on the patio with celebration bowls goes over even better if it’s a surprise.

4.A gift that everyone might need: Why not visit a Christmas tree dealer on the way to your celebration location? Everyone who wants can choose a small tree and take it with them. If the budget does not permit this idea, organize a small Christmas quiz and the three winners may select themselves under the consultation of the colleague circle a little tree.

5. An appropriate theme adds to the fun. You could communicate a few days before the Christmas party that your theme for this year’s party is: Après-Ski or 80’s (we organize -if requested- the suitable DJ.). It is important that all guests dress appropriately (we know all about that in Cologne).

6. team wichteln involves everyone. Give as much information as possible about which gifts are funny and nice. Of course, you can also organize a so-called “Schrottwichteln”. Then everyone wraps something that they really want to get rid of at home. In our experience, however, a lovingly chosen little something is better for the good mood. So everyone brings a nicely wrapped gift. These are presented on a table and now the dice are rolled. Everyone who rolls a double may choose a gift (and of course not roll the dice again afterwards). When all the gifts are distributed, it’s time for presents. And maybe swap meet.

7. communicate a start AND an end date. There is something to the thesis: you should stop when it is most beautiful (you could negotiate with the PhiLeRo team that the BAR is still open afterwards).

8. make sure that all guests go home safely. Or better yet, just book a hotel bed with them. Nothing usually happens when riding the elevator. And a joint breakfast rounds off the successful Christmas party in any case.

To the Christmas party arrangements in the restaurant La Verde!

Christmas party offers

Christmas party offers

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